“Will Be One Of The Most Well-Known In Electronic-Alternative”
- YourEDM

 "Stereoshock Challenges The Boundaries Of Electronic Music"
-Fresh New Tracks

"I Have Never, and I Really Mean Never, Heard Anything Like This...It's Like A Beautiful Film, But Completely Sightless, That's Capable of Engulfing You In It's Sounds"
- Tilt Magazine

"Defies What We Could Ever Imagine Being Possible Through A Record"
- Embrace The Beat

STEREOSHOCK is a composer, producer, and songwriter of Electronic-Alternative Music. 
Born in 1993, the 24-year-old began his musical journey creating his cinematic-styled progressive house. In the five years in which Stereoshock produced Electronic Dance Music, he gained recognition through leading music blogs as well as received support from Tiesto on his SiriusXm show, ‘Club Life’, and during his performances from live events across the globe. 

In 2014, Stereoshock’s passion for progression encouraged the young producer to focus on a new vision. Stereoshock's music, introduces listeners to his signature sound, which blends Electronic-Alternative, with heavily inspired modern-classical, melodic, and experimental elements. 

Through out the year, Stereoshock released a handful of successful singles, which garnered wide support on Soundcloud, received praise from various media outlets, and started an appreciation among those who actively look forward to the future of Electronic-Alternative. #1 Electronic Music Publication, 'YourEDM', hailed Stereoshock as "The Future of Electronic", as well as featured his work in a full-page interview alongside some of the music industry's biggest artists. Among all the other accolades achieved through his music, Stereoshock's most successful 2014 release, 'Au Revoir', reached #1 on one of the Soundcloud Popular Charts. 

In 2015, Stereoshock's uplifting and emotionally moving music continued to progress artistically, while consistently earning recognition for it's ability to "Challenge The Boundaries of Electronic Music".  His May & September releases, "Chasing Dusk" and "What Grows Within", both reached #1 on one of the Soundcloud Popular Charts. In addition, "Chasing Dusk" marked the first time one of Stereoshock's records hit radio, picking up airplay on one of the most well-respected stations in the U.S., KCRW.  

In 2016, Stereoshock's latest post-rock release, "Borne", hit #1 on the Soundcloud Hot & New Chart, and peaked #3 on the Top 50 Chart. The single maintained the top charting position for two weeks.

To date, Stereoshock has earned four #1's on the Soundcloud Charts, as well as has reached over 1,200,000 Soundcloud Plays, since he began releasing music independently on the platform.
With a sound and style fueled by avant-garde progression, the future certainly looks bright for the 24-year-old producer. 

"As an artist, I'm always chasing and searching for something I can't even hear yet myself."


"We can't get enough of the gorgeous and delicate textures of his music.”
- TheRevue

  "Soon to be a globally recognized star."
- Pray The Music

"Stereoshock is a special kind of producer. He refuses to create something generic and instead aims to create something unique and meaningful with every track."
- EDM Sauce

"Stereoshock creates more than just a song, it's an experience..."
- SuperBangers

"You're about to be taken away on an epic journey through sound..."